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Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays


A fresh new approach

Recently launched in Grays – the team at EvansClear are bringing a fresh new approach to cleaning, housekeeping and facilities management.

Could your home or business do with a good clean or tidy-up? In our first blog we take a look at the benefits of a clean and tidy environment.


The benefits of a clean and tidy home

Few people would argue with the fact that it is socially preferable to have a neat, clean and tidy home.

Most of us were brought up to believe that a tidy house means a tidy mind so we fear disapproval if our houses are dirty or untidy.


Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays

A clean and tidy home environment should be a pleasure to spend time in


But aside from the potential judgement of friends, family and neighbours, are there further benefits to having a clean and tidy home environment?

Most of us focus on how our homes look, but in reality there are some real life enhancing benefits to being neat, clean and tidy and the experts at EvansClear are here to take the hassle out of cleaning if you don’t have the time to do this yourself!


Mental benefits

Living in a home environment which is disorganised and not 100% clean can lead to anxiety and stress, and most people would agree that it is unpleasant to spend time in this sort of setting.

On the other hand, experiencing the boost of a neat and clean home can really lift your spirits!


You can relax with the EvansClear Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays

And relax!


Invest some time in a cleaning or tidying regime (or get someone to do this on your behalf) and you will be able to relax and avoid the worry of all of those jobs you haven’t done like cleaning the windows or mopping the kitchen floor!

It is very difficult to truly value our downtime when we have a list of chores waiting to be completed.


Find it easier to get things done

Have you ever experienced that very annoying scenario when you KNOW you have an important piece of correspondence or vital item of equipment somewhere in the house but you just can’t find it?

Or maybe you are planning to do some baking but all of your kitchen surfaces are cluttered so you don’t have enough space?

Keep a tidy home and day to day tasks become that much easier.


Keep organised with the EvansClear Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays

Improved organisation and tidiness usually leads to greater efficiency


There are lots of things you would rather be doing – we entirely understand that, so if you don’t want to do it yourself, get some experts to do it for you!


A healthier environment

We have established that there are positive mental benefits to having a clean and tidy home but there are also physical health benefits. Infrequent cleaning can lead to a build up of bacteria, as well as dust, dust mites and other allergens.


Keep your home hygienic with the EvansClear Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays

Children can be particularly susceptible to allergens in the home


Regular cleaning  also helps to keep your home free of bugs like clothes moths which can damage garments and clean and rubbish free environments are generally less appealing to rodents.

Professional cleaning takes care of this speedily and efficiently so you don’t have to! 


Improved sleep

Just think about the absolute bliss of clean, crisp and fragrant sheets and the joy of a calming, clutter free bedroom environment.

The stresses of modern life mean that many of us have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep so anything that we can do to create a more restful sleep-setting is a positive.

When your bedroom is clean and uncluttered this helps to create a serene, relaxing and sleep enhancing environment.


Benefit from a clean and tidy bedroom with the EvansClear Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays

Is your bedroom a calm and uncluttered environment?



Harmonious family relationships

Do you ever have arguments with your partner or children about chores at home? Does this cause upset? We are not saying that children shouldn’t do their chores – they should! But we do argue that a less cluttered and spruce environment is usually a calmer one.

If your house is well-organised and people aren’t constantly losing items or tripping-over things, this generally engenders a feeling of peace, and can prevent family rows from beginning in the first place!


The whole family can relax with the EvansClear Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays

The whole family can relax!


Value for money

People commonly feel that they can’t afford professional cleaning. If you are thinking this yourself then you really need to consider the value of your time. If you could be scrubbing your bathroom OR spending quality time with your family – which is more valuable?

If you find your cleaning difficult and it takes hours of your time every week, might it not make sense to hand this job over to a professional team which can get everything completed in a few hours on a regular basis?


The EvansClear professional Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays

Let a professional team take care of it for you


If you don’t have the time or the inclination to clean yourself (and the majority of us don’t!) try to view your expenditure on professional cleaning as a way to free-up your time for more life-enhancing activities and as a sensible investment in improving your own quality of life.


I am convinced! What do I do next?


AND…. relax!

EvansClear is a brand new sparkly cleaning company working in and around Grays and helping our satisfied customers to experience immaculately clean and clutter free homes.

We specialise in house cleaning and housekeeping services as well as carpet cleaning and oven cleaning – everything that you need to keep your home environment spick and span and a an absolute pleasure to live in.

If you find cleaning a chore – let us help!


Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays

Let the team at EvansClear take care of your cleaning for you


Commercial services

We also offer a range of commercial services including commercial cleaning, facilities management and builders cleaning.

Please get in touch with us for a detailed discussion of your requirements.


Our Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays is complemented by our commercial cleaning services

We can also help to clean or manage your commercial premises

Where we work

We work in Grays, South Ockendon, Chafford Hundred, Aveley, Purfleet, Tilbury, East Tilbury, Orsett, Horndon on the Hill, Stanford-le-Hope, Upminster and Hornchurch:


Excellent Clean and Tidy Home Services in Grays

Locations where we provide our quality cleaning services

The EvansClear difference

Let the experienced and professional team at EvansClear take care of it for you!

Get in touch with us today.


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